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昨天发现新申请的新版hotmail失灵了, 仔细一看, 我擦 不删邮件不恢复帐号… 不是说不限容量吗? 我用了一两G就封我帐号, 别人给我发信一律退信…. 大公司, 真没气度

Dear Customer,
Your Windows Live Hotmail® account has grown too quickly in the last month.
Until you reduce the size of your e-mail account, you won’t be able to send or receive messages.
Create an archive – Set up a folder on your PC’s hard drive where you can save large attachments. Then just delete them from your inbox. You’ll still have them and your inbox will be that much smaller.
Make your filters work for you- Did you know you can set up your Hotmail account to immediately delete junk e-mail? Go to Options, and click Filters and reporting. Under the “Delete junk e-mail” section, select Immediately to delete junk e-mail right away. Once you’re finished, click Save and you’re done.
Delete a bunch of mail at once- Go to your Junk and Deleted folders, and clear them out by clicking the “Empty” button in the action bar.
If you have more questions, please read our help topic on Hotmail storage.
The Windows Live Hotmail Team


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