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Optus刚刚发出公告, 之前由于计费系统技术问题, 导致所有2010年之后的包含无限社交网络访问的用户同时得到了无限并且不计费的Youtube访问, 自下月17日开始, optus将修复这个问题, 原文如下:

当然, 由于Facebook等网站内都会包含大量用户分享的Youtube视频, 既然提供了无限社交网络访问, 同时提供可能会被这些网站引用的内容的无限量访问貌似也是理所应当的, 这次服务改变相信会引起不少用户的不满.

From April 17th 2011 Optus will be correcting a technical issue, and any customers accessing YouTube will now experience data charges.

Due to a technical issue some Optus customers have been using YouTube without the data being charged or subtracted from their plans included value.

However we have now rectified this, and on future bills your YouTube usage will be shown as Data Charges.

If you have data inclusions as part of your plan, YouTube usage will appear as Data Charges on your bill. If you don’t have included data as part of your plan the charges will be placed on the default Pay As You Go plan, see below, for your data usage.

Pay As You Go gives you 5MB for $9.90
It is charged at 1.5c/KB capped at $9.90 for 5MB
If 5MB is exceeded, charges start again at 0.3c/KB (or approx. $3/MB)

You may wish to take up a Mobile Internet Pack, which will give you more data inclusions, or take a MaxPack, which gives you unlimited YouTube or even consider changing your plan to one with a higher amount of data inclusion, if needed.

If you currently use MyAccount you are able to monitor the amount of data usage per month.
If you haven’t registered for MyAccount please do so here


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